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Our Mission Statement

I Work on Cars LLC commits to provide professional, honest auto repair and maintenance in tempe and around our community at an affordable price. It is our goal to treat you honestly, fairly and with kindness. We promise to provide a clean and professional environment, to insure satisfaction of the services performed.  Also to have the freedom to approach us at any time with any questions or concerns with the service that you are receiving.

dan the owner

Dan - Owner / Lead Technician

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dan the ownerDan is the owner and lead mechanic. With ASE Certification and 15 years experience there isn’t anything he can’t handle. He’s the alpha male in this pack.
kim the technician

Kim - Technician / Right Hand Man.

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kim the technicianKim has been working on cars for 6 years. He specializes in performance and engine repair. He’s Dan’s right hand man.

I Work on Cars

We are locally owned and operated so you know your well earned money will be kept here in the local community. We have a small business attitude and where we save on overhead we pass along to our customers. We don’t hike up the price cause we can.

i work on cars owner

We don’t repair something that doesn’t need repairing. We are here to serve our customers not to get rich off your hard earned money. If you are on a budget but your car needs a lot of work we will prioritize your quote. That way you know what needs immediate attention and what you have time to wait on.

Fair and Honest

At I Work on Cars our Shop techs are the most knowledgeable in the business and our customer service is world class.

Check out our reviews on Google or Yelp. They speak for themselves. Honesty is our policy. We are fair meaning You only pay for what is needed to keep you on the road. Your safety and well being is our primary concern. We want you to feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands here. Call or text us today to get a quote.

chris the webmaster

Chris - Webmaster / Service Writer

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chris the webmasterChris has been an auto mechanic for 15 years and a webmaster for longer. With a five year background in performance he makes a good addition to the team.
mae the greeter

Mae - Greeter / Inspector

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mae the greeterMae has been in the auto industry for three years. She specializes in customer service and inspections.








You can find us at:

2408 E Apache Blvd Suite 105, Tempe, AZ 85281

Hours: 7am – 5pm  Monday – Friday, 8am-1pm Saturday

Phone: (480)-664-9339

Text: (480)-788-9440