I Work on Cars Complete Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle maintenance is crucial for a long lasting healthy vehicle.

I Work on Cars will keep your car on the road for years to come. We will provide you with a vehicle maintenance schedule and car maintenance tips to insure your car gets the extra care it needs. Below is just a small list and description of the things we do for vehicle maintenance. We are a full service auto repair shop.

Engines are air pumps so it is important to keep the air clean. Your Air Filter is important and should be checked every 10-15k miles. Ignoring your filter can decrease power and gas mileage.

Just like your engine you breathe air and your cabin air filter keeps that clean for you. Most people forget all about it and the performance of your ventilation system suffers because of it. If you can’t remember when the last time your filter was checked ask us for a quote today.

Everyone has or knows someone who has gone to start the car only to find the Battery is dead. Not a good scenario when you are trying to make it to your appointment or job on time. As soon as you notice any problems with starting that usually means the next time you will be stranded. Batteries in Arizona don’t last long so have it checked if it is more than a year old.

Spark Plugs are what ignites the gas in your engine. If they aren’t functioning correctly you can have misfires, poor power, poor gas mileage or even worse it won’t run. Most vehicles today have 100k replacements on your spark plugs. Have your spark plugs checked based on your vehicles recommended service schedule.

Spark Plug Wires need I say more? They should be checked every time you service your spark plugs.

Distributor Caps and ignition rotors aren’t used much anymore however most vehicles below 2001 had a distributor. It is what feeds the power to your spark plugs in the right order. If one of these wears out your vehicle might not start or could run badly.

Fuel Filters do just that, they keep the fuel clean going to your fuel injectors or carburetors. They can cause poor starts and wear out your fuel pump if they get clogged. Ask us what is recommended for your mileage

Drive Belts usually run your alternator, a/c compressor, water pump or power steering pump. If you are lucky you have a supercharger and you have a belt driving that. At I Work On Cars we inspect your belts for any signs of wear. Nobody wants to be stranded on their way to Vegas.

Timing Belts are most often replaced every 90-100k miles. If this belt brakes it can cause engine damage. Your pistons would essentially hit your valves. Replacing or rebuilding heads is not a cheap scenario.

Valve Adjustments are necessary to keep your valves opening and closing quietly and effeciently. The valves are what allow fresh air into the engine and exhaust gases out. A malfunction here can cause damage, loss of power and poor gas mileage.

Tire Rotation helps keep your tires from wearing out prematurely. It is also necessary to show regular tire rotations for your tire warranty.

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